jueves, 24 de enero de 2008

Whole Wheat Blues, the love letter

Hi !
I've been buying ___Whole Wheat Blend Pancake Waffle Mix for a long time, but I can't find this product anymore where I used to (Walmart , Econo, Grande supermarket). For a second I thought you discontinued this product, but I see in your website it's still available.
Is this product no longer available in Puerto Rico because of low consumption, or are these stores not buying it anymore? (Or is it that wheat fields’ sacrifice in order to maintain control of energy provided lifestyles is beginning to hurt US territories?) Anyway, where can I find it in my area?
I'll appreciate your answer.
With loving warm healthy breakfast hugs,

2 comentarios:

solo joe dijo...

por que esto esta en ingles?

Ana dijo...

Porque soy gringa... :D
Escribí la carta en inglés porque era para una compañía from the land of the free (?).
Me contestaron de inmediato que adquiriera los productos a través de I.
Los quiero!

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